Franz Liszt's Influence On The Ragtime And Swing Era (Ittzés)

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An interesting study by Dr. Tamás Ittzés written on an amazing subject. Worth to read as nobody had ever collected these facts before.

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Leírás és Paraméterek

Read what Belgian jazz organizer, Louis van den Brande wrote about the book:

Received your book last Monday in the mail. I started to read it right away and it proved to me to be a page turner. I finished it in no time  and is certainly due to repeated reading. My highest compliments!!

Most of the facts related to ragtime and jazz were known to me but I was never able to express  the links and connections  the way you did.The flow between classical music and the rest: I felt it was there but seen my lack of formal musical education I was never able to put it into words.

In my opinion it's a work that must be studied by every serious lover of ragtime and early jazz.


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